Our windows do so much for us. They let in the sun light and provide a look at what’s going on outside but the windows in our homes can also be a major source of heat loss and drafty rooms. If this sounds like your home, could be you need to check with a knowledgeable Houston window installation company. Windows do wear out, which can make them very inadequate at doing their job. One of the biggest culprits in poor window efficiency is the outdate wood framed windows. Over time the chalking dries out and shrinks and the panes can become loose, requiring scraping and replacing the glazing compound. The change of seasons can mean climbing a ladder to install the storm windows or replace them with screen.

One of the simplest ways to avoid all the hassle and make the exterior of your home look great at the same time is to install new energy efficient windows. If you decide to sell your home in the future, new windows can actually increase your sale price substantially. Be fore warned that installing windows is not for the average do-it-yourselfer. To get the job done right you really should have your windows installed by a professional Houston window installation company.


If you want your new windows to be installed properly you need to find a professional Houston window installation company Talking with other people is usually a good way of locating a window installation company. Word gets around when there’s a company that has a reputation for quality service. Talk with your neighbors and ask your co-workers. It’s very likely that someone has had some experience with a Houston window installation company in the past and can give you some information. Try checking in the phone book under windows, windows, window installers or replacement windows. You’ll find listings from general contractors right along with window installation companies and that’s simply because, in the housing industry, general contractors install a lot of windows. Try the internet. By doing a search online you’ll come up with directories of certified window installation companies along with how well their company ranks within the industry. A Houston window installation company might have their own website and this can prove to be a wealth of information about the business, including how the windows are installed and the styles of windows they have available.


Call the Houston window installation company to set up an appointment with one of their representatives. They can then have a look at your house, make suggestions and go over all your options with you. He can also show you samples of window styles that will best suit your home in terms of appearance and function. The representative can talk with you about changing the size of an existing window, adding windows where there currently isn’t one or the added labor and cost of installing a bay window.

You also need to use this time to ask some important questions. You might think it’s silly to ask a well known and reputable Houston window installation company if they have a license and liability insurance but really it’s not and it’s something you really need to now before any work can begin. Don’t feel you’ll offend someone by asking. It’s your money and your home that you’re putting on the line. You should request a copy of their business license and proof of insurance coverage. You can make calls later to make certain these documents are valid and up to date. Any Houston window installation company employees must also be insured with workers compensation. You could be found liable for medical and other expenses if an employee is injured on your property and there is no workers comp in place.

During his initial visit the Houston window installation company representative will provide you with a worksheet or detailed estimate that includes the windows you’ve chosen to have installed, their cost, the cost of other needed materials such as ins This estimate should also provide you with any available payment plans and the terms of those plans. Usually windows can be installed in just one day but still you should have a clear date for completion of the job.


Once you have a few offers in hand you should compare them to find out which window installation companies will best suit your needs. A low estimate might be a good deal but you don’t want to sacrifice quality to save a few bucks. Nor is the highest estimate, which is not a guarantee of good workmanship or service.

You’ll find that your earlier research can be useful in this case. One window installation company may be well known in the area while you may have little information on another one. It’s important to go with your feelings on this but at the same time don’t lose sight of the fact that the best deal from any Houston window installation company is one that offers you good service at a fair price.

Be sure to get a written contract once you’ve made your final selection. Always get everything in writing, no matter how reliable a Houston window installation company may be. If you have a contract in place it can protect you against a job that was not completed as promised. A contract is just a part of responsible business practice.

Adding new windows to your home is a major investment. New windows can greatly improve the look of any home and provide excellent resale value. A house with energy efficient windows can show a significan’t return on your investment if you ever want to sell. But before you can sit back and admire your good investment you need to find a qualified company to do the job. The time you put into searching for a quality Houston window installation company can prove to be a wise investment for your home.